Kid's Corner

Maths challenge-Tables

A good knowledge of tables is crucial to success in maths. Why not take on this project for the summer and make your stairs more interesting!!

maths challenge-THE E PUZZLE

The aim of the E puzzle is to reverse the positions of the Green and Red counters in the bold grid.

There are rules of course to make it a challenge:

*There is no passing or jumping.

*Only one piece at a time can be in the same square.

You can use counters, coins, buttons anything you like.

Air Hockey

If you would like a new game to play then why not try air hockey. You can play it indoors or outdoors. Use old bowls, plant pots, tins or anything else you can think of to hit with. A beanbag or pair of socks will do as a puck. Use some pieces of wood, a broom handle or rolled up towels as the sides.

seaShell Collage

If you were inspired by the Nautical School yesterday then try a seashell collage. Glue your shells to some wood and then paint with some watered down paint. You could stick to ocean colours or use a rainbow theme. Alternatively you could paint some shells with old nail varnish. Add glitter or stickers. Varnish with clear nail varnish or glue.

Scoil na Mara-Nautical school

The Cork County Council Environmental Awareness Team have an online educational resource called Scoil na Mara. It is comprised of a series of videos exploring and celebrating the Irish seashore biodiversity and highlighting the importance of the ocean. They also have news and quizzes on their Facebook page. You will find them on Scoil na Mara Facebook page or Scoil na Mara YouTube Channel.