First & second Class


We used a balloon to check our fingerprints

soft c and hard c

Hard c makes the ck and soft C makes a S sound.

polar bears

We painted these bears just in time for the parent teacher meetings


yesterday we learned about dissolving. The colours dissolve when mixed with warm water

rain cloud in a jar

This week in stations we are doing a science experiment. We made it rain yesterday.

winter is here

We started winter art this week. Can you guess what it is?

compound words

2nd class are learning all about compound words in grammar.


Our news

Look at the amazing joined handwriting by our 1st class.


We had a special visit last Friday from Cork Camogie All Ireland Winners Allie and Laura!

6th class reports

6th class came to read us their reports on Cycle Right.


We are learning all about questions in grammar. Today we had the answers and we had to think of the questions.

oíche Shamhna

We drew Halloween party pictures in Irish.

happy Halloween

We were very busy today creating these spooky Halloween lanterns.

maths stations

We started maths stations last week.

NatHracha AGus dréimirí

Bhíomar ag imirt cluiche Faoin Fomhar.

messy Monday

We made spooky slime today

up the saints

Look at us in our purple and yellow

Oral language

Every Friday we love listening to stories and playing vocab games.

sun dials

We placed sun dials around our school today. We are learning all about clocks in history.


We held our very first assembly this week. We sang our favourite song about the 7 continents.


We walked to mass today. We will be going on the 1st Friday of every month to prepare for Our First Holy Communion


We played in teams for PE today.

SeOmra ranga

Bhíomar ag foghlaim An Scoil.

We are batty in 1st & 2nd

We painted these autumn sunsets, using black paint we created the tree silhouettes and then we cut out the bats.

Conna castle

We were invited inton3rd class today to see their amazing Conna Castles. We even saw some siblings along the way.

super stars stage school

Donna visited us today to play some drama games

cás LeAnn luaidhe

Féach at ár gcás peann luaidhe

more Autumn work

Autumn is a time for

We are exploring what happens in autumn.

an sCoil

Bhíomar ag foghlaim foclóir don scoil.

stain glass leaves

These colourful leaves really brighten up our classroom.

Autumn forests

We created these Autumn forests last week in art with sponges. We blended colours together.

Conna show

We are busy getting ready for Conna show this weekend

is maith liom

We created beautiful bunting in Irish this week


In geography this week we discovered that there are 7 continents. We coloured in a map and learned a great song to help us remember the names of all 7.

Autumn leaves

We have started our first autumn pieces of art this week. We painted forests in the autumn. We used sponges to mix three autumn colours together. We will have to find space for them in our classroom.


We are learning about Bia. We can say all of these sentences. We even played a game of Bingo too!


Can you figure out whos who in these self-portraits?


We created these hedgehogs in art last week.


Look at the rainbow umbrellas that we created this week.

When I grow up I want to be……


We started revising the story of 10 today with our numicon. We added lots of different numbers together to make 10. We are also learning our +2 tables this week.