sixth CLASS – Rang a Sé

NEARLY READY….. Time to graduate

Final school tour – They were amazing 👏

Gargoyle ART

Today we learnt about gargoyles: their function, the history around them, and where the name came from (a French verb that means to gargle).

Our first Gymnastics Lesson

We learnt a lot about core strength and how to be resilient in exercises that challenge our bodies physically.

Not long to go

Nearly set for the big day….. We have chosen the name of a Saint we want to take on the special day.

Animal symmetry

A great effort made by all in our most recent art lesson. Well done 6th! Very talented.

Bricks 4 kidz

A busy afternoon engineering. A welcome break after a late night at ‘Service of Light’.

We are authors!

With the last two weeks, 6th have been working really hard on planning, drafting, editing and publishing their stories. They will be coming home soon once we have read our stories to another class…..

Preparation for st.Patrick’s day is in full swing

All ready for the big day

Valentine animals for those we love…..

Never too old

Another busy day between the school library bus and some special visitors…..

Nature is ART

Class of 2024

We were delighted to wear Christmas jumpers to school but even more delighted to be going home in our Class of 2024 jumpers!!

WE got to visit juniors today!

Have a look at us doing some paired reading. What a treat to spend some time with the small ones.

TEAM WORK makes the dream work

Another great day of research and collaborative learning in S.E.S.E.

Christmas Art

Finally ready to take home. Patience was required, so well done to 6th class. Here are our before and after wreaths:


Today we cut out our own stencil and used it repeatedly to tesselate and create our own art!



Today in science we learned all about: weight, lift, drag and thrust. We then designed and made our own hand gliders.

Lines and angles

We are ready to become architects or engineers if needs be!

Dress-up Fun

Cycling Right

Have a look at our final session: indicating, life saver look and crossing junctions were major areas of our learning today!

Happy Halloween

We can’t wait to fly off on our holidays….

REliable reporters

Over the last week, we have been learning about ‘report’ writing and the purpose of this genre in real life. Take a look…

Maths WEBS

Today we learned to use both multiplication and division facts to make links, starting with one simple number sentence.


From beginner success, to intermediate progress, to slowest wins the race….. all of sixth supported and cheered on everyone’s individual achievements today. We even did the limbo on our bikes!


Only a day to make fish to swim home with…..


Have a look at some of our work and learning areas that we will be using this year. Our new classroom is coming together!

Football DRIlLS

Great skills in P.E today. Everyone worked as a team.

chalk and talk

Never too old….

Paper POrtraits

Take a look at our lovely art work!