Green Flag

Walkabilty audit

Edwina from Green schools called to us again today. We walked to the village to check the signs, the road, the footpaths and the crossings. We will create a full report and send it off to Cork County Council in the coming weeks.

Bird watching

Look at the fantastic visitors we are having in 2nd class this week. We are learning all the names of the birds we have in Ireland. So far we have seen a blue tit, a robin, a common chaffinch and a goldfinch too.

Gardening madness in 2nd

We had such a busy day today planting sunflower seeds!! We also started to clean up the garden.

2nd class

Look at how much our plants have grown this week

A new bed

We can’t wait to fill this flower bed full of soil and plant lots of vegetables.


Look at the fabulous new bird feeder in our garden.


The signs of spring in our garden

New bird feeder

We got a new bird feeder for our classroom window, we filled it with bird seed and hope to see some new visitors in the coming weeks . We sprinkled some seed outside on the ground first. The bird feeder is plastic so we will be able to watch all the birds as they stop … Read more

Travel visit

Edwina called to us again this week. She visited all classrooms from second to sixth to chat all things travel. She even saw our fabulous posters.

Green visit

We had a visit from Edwina this week. She gave us lots of ideas to help us with our travel flag. She also gave us new badges and lots of prizes!