Senior Infants

Out of this World!

As part of our Space theme this month, Senior Infants built Space Rockets from Recycled materials.


Senior Infants had lots of fun at Halloween. We had a dress up day, with lots of spooky costumes. We played eye spy with our Frozen hands and went ‘fishing for ‘eyeballs” in some worms!!

Ramp building

Senior Infants were engineers for a day. They were building ramps and testing them using conkers that they had collected for Autumn.

Maths Week

3D Shape sorting

Colour Matching game– Senior Infants were matching their colour words to their colours.

Meet Cuddles!

Cuddles is our class monkey. He chooses one child everyday to be his helper in class. Cuddles is looking very cool here wearing Charlie’s sunglasses!

Look what we made!

Counting Games

Senior Infants have been practising ‘counting on’ on the number line.


We were making numbers with our Marla.

Look at our lovely art work!

We took a line for a walk after reading the story Gregory and the Magic Line.

Here is a picture of me so you can see. I’m a Senior Infant as happy as can be! These are our self portraits from the first day of Senior Infants.

Senior Infants on their first day back at school