Senior Infants/First class

Bí ag Péinteáil

Part of this weeks homework is to learn the following song.

medals and trophies

Lots of lovely medals from the Community games art competition and trophies from Taekwondo this week!

library bus

We enjoyed DEAR time this week as the library bus called and we all got some new books!

hot lunches

We started hot lunches from the lunch bag last week, they’re going down a treat! The chicken curry is going down a treat!

this weeks irish song

playtime and easter bunnies

Did you know doileys are no longer sold in the shops? These bunny’s were extra challenging to finish!

Happy St Patricks Day

We wore our green for St Patrick’s Day today, Ms Joyce and two girls had the same bow!


We enjoyed a Lego workshop today with Bricks4Kidz!

féach ar an gclog

leap day, spring art, time and more

Well done to our fabulous first class trophy winner!

Mo BhricfeÁsta

happy valentines day

music games

We played pass the tambourine this week, a lovely relaxing soothing game!

valentines day

We have been revising our sight words through the theme of Valentines this week!

Spring visit

One of our kind parents brought in a baby calf and lamb to school this week, we had fun feeding and petting them!

St brigids day/Valentines art

Cá bhfuil an rialtán?

We are revising this song as part of our homework this week – here’s a reminder of how it sounds for those at home!


singing and dancing

We are learning “We sing a song to Brigid” at the moment as we will perform it at assembly very soon. We also love listening to this traditional Irish music piece called “St Brigids Day”. The children were clapping and dance along to this lively tune!

In maths, we’ve been differentiating between left and right. We have a fun dance we do to help us remember which is which!

grandparents day

We were busy colouring in some art for all the grandparents this week. We love these calming bubble sounds on YouTube to relax us while we work.

Happy New Year

happy new year from seniors and first!

winter trees

Our winter tree frames we made using masking tape, paint and marker!

English stations

We started English stations this week, focusing on phonics, reading, sight words, dictation and handwriting.

This little light of mine

Our version of this little light has become something of a school anthem recently! Here’s our rendition for anyone who wasn’t at the concert.

addition using number lines

We practised addition to 9 this week using number lines and whiteboards!

All about penguins

Look at our gorgeous penguin reports.

shows over folks

After lots of practicing and walks to the hall we are back to normal listening to relaxing Christmas sounds while doing our work!

Tricky words games

We’ve been revising our tricky word a lot the last fortnight with whiteboards, points and games!

Magic E

Some magic e games we played this week.

show practice

We are exhausted from giving 150% percent into our Christmas songs and practicing them with the last month. Lots of facial expression and dramatics to come!!! We can’t wait to perform them next week!

putting up our tree

Senior infants also gave us a hand putting on baubles on our Christmas tree. The children have been loving listening to a crackling fire video while doing their handwriting. A festive atmosphere indeed!

making 8s

Seniors have been practicing forming the number 8 using different materials this week!

oh christmas tree

Some fabulous helpers putting up our tree!


We are feeling festive after making our beautiful gingerbread houses!

look what we can do

Three happy boys very proud of what they can do with their blocks during playtime!


We are covering length in senior infant maths at the moment and measured as many things in the classroom as we could using lollipop sticks. We also learned a new rhyme to write the number 8!

Up cork

We had Laura Hayes and Ally Mulkerrins from the Cork camogie team to visit on Friday. We were busy preparing for their arrival!

science week

We had lots of fun trying different experiments this week for Science week. We investigated gummy bear growth, water transpiration using celery, skittles rainbow experiment and a rain cloud in a jar experiment.

winter is coming

We started into some winter art this week with winter polar bears. We did painting, cutting, sticking and drawing.

Learning about india

We have learned a lot about India this month. Ask your child for some facts about the country, they especially love the one about what the chef loves to hear from his customers after a meal!!

Halloween dress up

Take a look at our fabulous Halloween costumes from yesterday!

Making 7s

We are learning how to make the number seven and have a lovely rhyme to help us remember how to write it. We also made sevens with playdough and had a competition who could make the most sevens!

Golden time

We had golden time this week and these boys constructed this fabulous zoo using blocks and other small toys!

Vocabulary games

To help memorise and learn our new words in our reader we play a “hide the word” game where one child is “on” and the others “téigh codladh” with no peeking! The child who is on drops the word on their friends desk and they must read / sound out the word to be on!

cailleach Cailleach

We are loving our Irish Halloween song with spooky actions and dance moves, ask your child to sing it at home for you. We learn lots of Oiche Shamhna vocab through this song. We act out being a witch, ghost and skeleton! Cailleach, púca and creatlach!

BROCCOLI pumpkins

We used broccoli to print our pumpkins today – the class really enjoyed this!

A talented bunch

Seniors and first have been learning lean on me and are now singing it beautifully. We added actions and are now singing without a backing singer just an instrumental! Great practice for our reading too.

Maths week

Senior infants were busy playing dice games for maths week this week! We had lovely soft jumbo dice and really enjoyed working in pairs for the Maths week activities.

Autumn Art

We wrote about why we love autumn this week and decorated autumn trees! We used autumn colours to make leaf silhouettes.

Playdough disco

We’ve been working on our fine motor skills in Senior Infants this week, with a play dough disco! We are practicing making the number 6 – ask about our rhyme we have to make this number!

Cheering on st catherines

We were busy this week making sure our windows were nice and colourful in the St Catherine’s colours.

Autumn leaves

We have been learning a lot about Autumn recently, and the colours of Autumn. We cut Autumn leaves out (tricky shapes!) and will be doing art with them during the week.

Storm agnes

While Storm Agnes kept us inside all day last week, we enjoyed some movement breaks from The Phonics Man on YouTube! Got our exercise in too.

Maths games

We found some lovely interactive maths games which we have been doing in Senior Infants recently.

Body percussion

We have been learning about body percussion in music this week to a song called Bella ciao! It’s been a lot of fun.

All about me

We’re still getting to know each other here in Seniors/First. We loved doing these all about me back to school activities!

Settling in to our new room

We are loving our bright and newly painted room in Seniors/First. We like to sit on this nice cosy rug and practice our sounds in the mornings!