Wellness Wednesday

Between now and the end of June we will be celebrating Wellness Wednesday in Conna NS. We know the academics are important but above all we value our mental health and the wellbeing of pupils and staff. You might catch us taking a stroll around the yard to chat to our friends or enjoying a treat in the staff room!


There was caws for concern this morning when a crow flew into Senior Infants. We had to get a crow-bar and some vel-crow to remove him…he must have thought he was in CAWlege!! Thankfully he returned to his pals safe and sound before the children arrived in.

Happy Easter

We had a very egg-citing day in school today. The Easter Bunny came to visit with Easter eggs for everyone. He bounced in to every classroom. He told us he has been in quarantine for the past two weeks. Thanks to the Parents Association who sponsored him!!

Odd Socks


Thanks to everyone for supporting our odd socks/lots of socks fund raiser for Down Syndrome Ireland. We had lots of fun showing off our socks. We will put up the total amount raised next week as it is still rolling in!!

St Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all our wonderful families. We had a wonderful Teddy Bear Parade in the sunshine today. Some teddies were big, some were small, some were bald but all were welcome! Enjoy the day off school tomorrow. See you all on Thursday. St Patrick’s Day Parade Junior Infants to 1st St Patrick’s Day Parade Second Class

Welcome back to school…..again

We are delighted to be welcoming Junior Infants to 2nd class back to school on Monday March 1st. We are also looking forward to seeing the senior classes on March 15th. Hang in there parents, we know it’s been a very challenging year. You have all done amazing work, the end is in sight!

Shrove tuesday or pancake tuesday

Yay for pancakes. We hope you will all be attempting to make some pancakes on Tuesday. Top them with lemon and sugar, Nutella and ice cream or cream and fruit to mention a few. The following day is Ash Wednesday which marks the first of 40 days of lent.

Below are two pancake recipes. The first is for traditional pancakes, the second is for American style flyffy pancakes. Have fun flipping them!! Pancake Recipe Jamie Oliver American Style Pancakes Why we celebrate Shrove Tuesday

Stories If You Give A Pig A Pancake Pancakes, Pancakes! The Big Pancake

School Closure

As per department guidelines the school will be closed for the month of January. Learning will continue online. We hope you are all staying safe and well. If you need to contact a member of staff or the school office please email us. You can find all email addresses under contacts on the main website page.


Wishing everyone a peaceful and safe Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Conna National School. Here is a little message from all the boys and girls.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We are very sorry you can’t come and visit us this year. Here is a little look around the school at some of the beautiful art the kids have been busy with.