Fourth/Fifth class

Procedural Emojis ☕ 

We have moved onto procedural writing this week and after a busy week of writing we decided to use the iPads on Friday. We created a step by step guide on how to make the best cup of tea using emojis. Take a look at how they turned out. 🍵 ☕ 

Winter Robins

This week we created beautiful winter robins. They are now hung proudly in our corridor for everyone to see.


In our classroom we are focusing on kindness, we are all trying to be a little kinder to each other. Each time we get caught being kind we add a paper chain to our kindness chain. Once it reaches from one side of the room to the other we are going to have a special party!! The children have loads of paper chains so far but they have a long way yet to go!

An Bhialann

In Irish we are learning all about food. We decided to create a restaurant in our classroom. We have worked extremely hard for 2 weeks writing and learning our scripts. We practised every day and we also brought in our own props too!

We will upload all our videos soon!

English stations

We are currently have English stations running in our classroom. We have stations 3 days a week with the help of Ms.Sheehan and Ms. Lane. Our stations include: oral language, spellings, our novel Holes, grammar, and comprehension. We also get to use iPads for English games!

Winter Robins

Today we painted winter robins. We can’t wait to see the finished results tomorrow!

Science week 2.0

More experiments: Lava Lamps, Fake snow, skittles, fireworks, spud batteries and floating oranges!

science week 1.0

Volcanoes, elephant toothpaste, snow and moving objects were just some of the experiments that the 4th and 5th class students created today! First the students researched and created a poster for their experiment. They then demonstrated it for the entire class. Some experiments were completed outside!!

We have another busy day of experiments tomorrow!

Christmas shoe boxes

Look at the amazing shoe boxes some of the 4th and 5th class made for Team Hope

TRip to the castle

On Friday we put on our wellies and coats and headed down to the castle to investigate the different type of trees that were growing in the castle grounds!

Heritage Visit

What a week!!

We spent two fantastic days with Tony exploring and learning about different animals and plants that live in our local area.

Halloween stories

4th and 5th class were busy writing their own Halloween stories before midterm! The stories were even more frightening than some of the costumes!

Sun Dials

Aztecs, sun Gods, light and now sun dials.

This morning we created simple sun dials using paper plates and lollipop sticks. We put out our sun dials at 10 am and marked the shadow created by the sun. We then went out at 2pm and marked where the shadow was then. We noticed the shadow had moved 1/4 of the way across our dial. Sun dials were used to measure the time.


We are working towards our Green Schools Flag this year and the theme is Water. We spent our art lesson today creating posters. We thought of some very catchy slogans too. We displayed them outside our classroom and hope they will encourage everyone to save water.

“Save water, every drop counts”

The Aztecs

We hung up our final Aztec poster today in our classroom and in the hallway. The children spent two weeks creating and designing their Aztec posters. The posters are lots of different colours and sizes.

MAths week

In 4th class for maths week we are spending 20 minutes everyday playing lots of fun maths games. We have played 101, higher or lower, bingo, POP and smallest number so far this week.

Cluichí Gaeilge

To help use revise our topics in Irish we have spent the last few days playing lots of different games in Irish.

Bhíomar ag imirt Bingó, Ceithre sa Líne, snap agus cluiche mheaitseála.

AN Scoil

We spent two weeks learning about An Scoil and just look at the amazing paragraphs we created on Friday. The children are so proud of their work!


Five boys in 5th class won an U11 blitz last weekend with St. Catherines GAA. They won all of their games and were presented with a fantastic trophy and they brought in to show everyone. Well done boys!

The Aztecs

For the last 2 weeks we have been studying the Aztecs. Here we are working on our posters. We are nearly finished them and they will be hung up in our classroom. They look fantastic and they show all the amazing facts that we learned.


With Halloween just around the corner we decided to create beautiful 3-D pumpkins during oil pastels and chalk! Some students created a day time picture while others decorated their landscape’s with stars.


In science we are learning all about light. Take a look at how we tried to turn a rainbow back into white light! We are learning about the Aztecs in History, the Aztecs worshiped the sun so we decided to investigate Sun Gods and light.

Paper Chains

Our principal Mr Mulcahy retired in October and we decided to decorate our corridor with beautiful paper chains. We had so much fun creating these chains and they really brightened up the corridor.

Autumn trees

Look at our beautiful autumn trees that we created!

Spellings for me

This year we started a new spellings programme called Spellings for Me. The children spent the first few weeks in September on the iPads testing themselves on their spellings. We then started a very exciting workbook and each child has their own individual spelling list to work on each week. We have been also using a new spelling game called Wipeout to help us learn our Irish words and spellings.


We spent the month of September learning all things water. We learned about the water cycle and created welly and umbrella art.

Me Féin

The 4th and 5th class students were working hard in September learning all about Me Féin in Irish. After two weeks of learning the children were able to write paragraphs on their whiteboards.