Third class Archive 21-22

Christmas Performance

For our Christmas performance we have recorded two videos. The first one is an Irish poem called “An Fear Sneachta”. The second is a poem that we wrote as a class. This involved each pupil writing a rhyming poem about a certain element of Christmas that they looked forward to. We edited and compiled the poems to create a whole class poem. It is called “Christmas in Our Own Words”.

Link 1 – An Fear Sneachta;

Link 2 – Christmas in Our Own Words;

Please find the words of the poem included below also. Merry Christmas from everyone in 3rd Class!

Christmas In Our Own Words

When I see the Christmas tree lighting,

It shines so bright that I am smiling.

All the baubles and colourful lights,

Beautiful decorations, what a sight.

I hope that it will snow,

And outside I will go,

To make a snowman is lots of fun,

A snowball fight, oh no, run.

The Roses box on the table,

I’ll eat them all if I’m able.

My favourite is the caramel,

They’re all gone, can’t you tell?

Elf on the Shelf sitting all day long,

I think he wants to sing a song.

Elf on the Shelf he looks suspicious,

He always gets up to lots of mischief.

Christmas mass on Christmas Eve,

The day had come to believe.

Jesus Christ born in Bethlehem,

He went as a child to Jerusalem.

Star is shining very bright,

It guides three Kings through the night.

Jesus Christ is in the manger,

To me he is certainly not a stranger.

Hot chocolate ready for me and mum,

Hoping that Santa soon will come.

I put out cookies and some milk,

In my pyjamas made of silk.

Lights are shining in the sky,

The group of reindeer fly so high.

I think that I will go to bed,

As Santa will be in his sled.

On Christmas Eve everyone is asleep,

I will wake up and have a peep.

I want to open up my presents,

But I am not aloud without my parents.

All that night I couldn’t sleep,

I even tried counting sheep.

I think I heard him on the roof,

It could have been Rudolph’s hoof.

I wake up on Christmas Day,

“Oh yippee” I will say.

Presents underneath the tree,

And my family is around me.

I like to eat my roast dinner,

It’s delicious, everyone’s a winner.

Lots of deserts for us to eat,

The chocolate buns are a treat.

With my family I will play,

Lots of games on Christmas Day.

We all sit down in front of the telly,

To watch a movie with a full belly.

Ho, Ho, Ho we’d like to say,

We hope you enjoy Christmas day.

Making memories and lots of fun,

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Maths Week in 3rd class

As part of Maths Week in 3rd class we have been completing tangram puzzles. The class created an array of animals. There was great creativity and the children developed their spatial awareness.