Please feel free to email any of the teachers if you have any questions or concerns.

Mr. Michael Mulchay Principal and Special Education Teacher- principal@connans.com

Ms. Claire Flynn Deputy Principal and Special Education Teacher- cflynn@connans.com

Ms. Valerie Rice Special Education Teacher- vrice@connans.com

Ms. Maria Joyce Fifth/Sixth class- mjoyce@connans.com

Ms. Claire Nagle 4th/5th class- cnagle@connans.com

Mr. Ronan Clancy 3rd class- rclancy@connans.com

Ms. Laura Power 2nd class- lpower@connans.com

Ms. Eimear Quigley 1st class- equigley@connans.com

Ms. Aoife O Brien Senior Infants- aobrien@connans.com

Ms. Alison McMahon Junior Infants- amacmahon@connans.com