Senior Infants ARCHIVE 22-23

School Tour 2023

We had an amazing day on our school tour to Leahy’s Open Farm last week.


We took our Maths lesson outside today. Senior infants have been learning about capacity this week. They were estimating and measuring how many cupfuls of water it would take to fill a variety of items.

Look What we Made

Some of the amazing creations Seniors have made at playtime.

Under the Sea

Look at the beautiful artwork created by Senior Infants based on our current theme of water.

Paper Dolls

Julia Donaldson is the author of the month in Senior Infants. We are reading lots of lovely stories by Julia Donaldson.

One of her stories Paper Dolls acted as inspiration for our art lesson last week. Each child made three dolls and they all joined hands along our classroom wall.

The Water Cycle

Senior Infants were learning about the water cycle this week. We did an experiment to show how the water cycle works, using a sandwich bag, some water and food colouring. The lovely sunshine outside really helped our experiment to work quickly!

A Walk around our locality

The infants enjoyed a history and geography trip around Conna village. On our walk we looked out for some historical sites like the bridge, the old court house, the hotel, the castle and the post office. At the end of the walk we stopped off at Tom’s shop for a tasty treat!

Fun and Games

While all the older classes were off at the schools blitz last week, the Infant classes had their own games on the yard. The children enjoyed soccer, skipping, bowling and hula hooping.


Gymnastics classes are in full swing in school this term. Kenny will be working with the children every Wednesday!

Science: Living things

This week we are looking at living things in Science. We wanted to see how flowers drink water. We placed some flowers in coloured water and watched them change colour!

Easter Clay

Senior Infants made Easter Eggs out of clay, carving in some lovely details and painting them using nice bright colours.

Life Cycles

Senior Infants learned about the Life Cycles.

We looked at the life cycle of a butterfly and of a frog. Look at our lovely displays and art work!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!

Saint Patrick’s Day Badges

Senior infants made beautiful Saint Patrick’s Day Badges this week.

Saint Patrick’s Day Sorting

Some of the Senior Infant boys decided to sort some of our math game materials into green, white and orange/yellow for Saint Patrick’s Day! They made a little leprechaun village using the objects.

Library Bus

The Library bus came to school. The children were so excited to go out and visit the library bus. Senior Infants listened to a lovely story called ‘When I say Ooh You say Aah’. Mary the librarian read this to the class and they then chose a book of their own to bring home and read.

Carnivorous plants

Look at this lovely pitcher plant. It is a carnivorous plant and it was enjoying a yummy fly for its lunch that day!

Love is in the Air

Senior Infants made some gorgeous Valentines art pieces. It’s Amazing what you can make with just one sheet of painted paper. Have a look and see…

Love you to pieces cards

Love Heart Pictures!

And finally individual art work using the left over paper. Well done Senior infants!

Yes We Can

Senior Infants have been thinking about all the Amazing things they can do and learning that everyone has different talents. Look at our fabulous ‘I Can’ Books!

Aistear– The Polar Regions

Aistear is in full swing in the infant classrooms this term. We have been learning all about the Arctic and the Antarctic.

The children have been explorers and scientists in the Research center. They have been constructing life sized igloos and making igloos from paper. In our STEM area the children have been figuring out how to build an igloo using sugar cubes.

Happy New Year from Senior Infants!

Christmas Jumper Day!

Senior Infants braved the cold in their Christmas jumpers to take this lovely winter picture.

Christmas Elves!!

Senior Infants Toy Show

Senior Infants held their own Toy Show in school to mark the day of the Late Late Toy Show. Every child brought in their favourite toy or game to demonstrate to the class. We even stopped to watched some Christmas Ads in between!

Christmas Show

Senior Infants took part in the school show last Thursday. Here are a few snaps of some very happy children after finishing their performance. Senior Infants play was called Away in a Manger.#

Out of this World!

As part of our Space theme this month, Senior Infants built Space Rockets from Recycled materials.


Senior Infants had lots of fun at Halloween. We had a dress up day, with lots of spooky costumes. We played eye spy with our Frozen hands and went ‘fishing for ‘eyeballs” in some worms!!

Ramp building

Senior Infants were engineers for a day. They were building ramps and testing them using conkers that they had collected for Autumn.

Maths Week

3D Shape sorting

Colour Matching game– Senior Infants were matching their colour words to their colours.

Meet Cuddles!

Cuddles is our class monkey. He chooses one child everyday to be his helper in class. Cuddles is looking very cool here wearing Charlie’s sunglasses!

Look what we made!

Counting Games

Senior Infants have been practising ‘counting on’ on the number line.


We were making numbers with our Marla.

Look at our lovely art work!

We took a line for a walk after reading the story Gregory and the Magic Line.

Here is a picture of me so you can see. I’m a Senior Infant as happy as can be! These are our self portraits from the first day of Senior Infants.

Senior Infants on their first day back at school