Second Class ARCHIVE 22-23

tie die

Look at us tie dieing today

School tour

Yesterday we went on our school tour to the Mardyke Arena in Cork. We had so much fun!

rocky road

We went baking on Thursday!! It was a fantastic day and we all got to make our own rocky road. We worked in pairs and made everything in our classroom with the help of Ms Veale and Ms Sheehan! They look delicious and tasted even better!




For national bee day last Saturday we created beautiful bee art. We coloured the honey combs using oil pastels. We then looked at bee facts in our Explore with me book. Finally we all drew a picture and labelled a bee in our copies.

static electricity

Our classroom was full of energy today as we explored static electricity. We used our communion balloons to test the static powers of our jumper and hair. The results were very interesting.

Our fingerprints

We all chose one colour and added it to a cross to create a collage of our fingerprints.

Everyone went home with a copy and one child was the lucky duck who got to keep the original.

beautiful Balloons

Look at what was in our room when we came in this morning!!!!

The 1st class parents thought we would enjoy keeping the balloon arch from the Communion party last Saturday in the school hall!

It really brightens up our room. We really appreciated the party they orgainsed for us! Thank you so much.

First holy communion

What a day we had celebrating our first Holy Communion today. The Sun was shining down on us. We had a fantastic day.

Say cheese


Today we went down to the church at 1pm to have a full rehearsal with Fr. Billy and Yvonne for the choir.

We are all super excited for the big day

friday fun

We had a lovely relaxed Friday evening, we played outside with chalk in the sunshine.


We are very busy getting ready for our big day this Saturday.

first holy commuion

We are very busy preparing for our First Holy Communion this week. We are going to mass everyday at 10am.

1 litre

This week we were learning all about litres. We did lots of measuring.


We had lots of medals in our room this week.


We are exploring weight in maths this week


Look at us doing gymnastics today!!

Lets go fly a kite

Look at the door display we created this week


As part of our party we worked as a team to make these amazing forts.

pizza and pj party

We worked really hard in March to earn our party. It was a very comfy day in our pjs.

right angles

We walked around our school today to look for right angles

Water workshop

We had a visit yesterday from two members of the Green Schools to complete a water workshop with us. We did LOADS of experiments and learned lots of facts about water. We were working so hard we all got NEW bottles!!!

World book day

We forgot to post our photos of our favourite books from World Book Day!!

Hybrid hockey

We played hockey last week for P.E. We used hockey sticks, hurleys and golf sticks.

goggle classroom

We have started working on Google classroom this month. We are busy writing all about spring and learning how to use google docs.

fun yard

Today it was finally our turn to have the games on our yard. The student council organised games and activities for big yard.


We created promises for Lent.

Easter Bunnies

We worked very hard to create these beautiful Easter Bunnies this week!

Míonna na Bliana

Look at the song we have learned to help us remember the months of the year as Gaeilge! Have a look at us!

St patrick’s day

We made St Patrick’s Day Pots of Gold this week!


We had a parade in the yard this morning. We performed the HAKA as Gaeilge for everyone! Bhíomar ar fheabhas!

First confession

Yesterday we had our First Confession down in Conna Church. We had a fantastic evening. We cant wait for our Communion.

Is it bigger or smaller than 1 metre?

We measured lots of things all around our school this week.

Are you a SQuare?

Today we measured our height and compared it against the width of our arm span. Lots of us were a perfect square!

Library Bus

We had a visit from the library bus today! We all got to pick 1 book to read for the month.


We wrote out our daily schedule today. We are very very busy!!

gardening fun

We had such a busy day today in the garden. We are planted sunflower seeds and started preparing the garden for planting.


Look at our visitor today! We are bird watchers in training!

pancake fun

It’s Pancake Tuesday! Ms Nagle and Ms Sheehan brought in PANCAKES!!!! We had lots of sauces and sprinkles! They were delicious!

We had lots of visitors from 5th and 6th class who joined in on the fun too!

spring clean

We gave our pencil cases a good spring clean today!


Our plants have really started growing this week.


We looked at data this week in maths.

We created our own pictograms and block graphs.

Valentines Day

We decorated our classroom yesterday ❤️❤️

L O V E spells LOVE

Look at our art!! It really brigthens up the hall

Love is in the air

We started making these Love collages today. We will put them together on Tuesday.

Flying high

We created beautiful love hot air balloons this week.

Book creator

We started a new literacy app this week on the chromebooks. We all became authors and created our very own books. We had so much fun. We watched the demo videos on Olus and started creating our books.


What a busy Monday! We investigated which was a better insulator, a scarf or tin foil.
We had lots of discussions around what keeps us warm.

Grandparents day

We spent our art lesson this week making invitations and cards for our grandparents. We are having a special mass on Sunday at 11am in Conna Church.

GAA Social

Lots of our class went to the GAA Conna Social last Friday. They wanted to show us their medals! Well done everyone.

Hundreds, tens & units

This week we moved on to adding sums with Hundred, Tens and units!

We were up for the challenge! We used our whiteboards for our sums.

News reporters

We decided today that we would become news reporters! We began by brainstorming news topics and each group received a topic to write about. We had lots of active learning as the children moved groups and created their reports all around the classroom.
We hope to publish our newspaper soon.


We created snowdrops this week in art. We hope to see some real snow soon!

Winter robins

We created these beautiful winter robins this week. They are a great addition to our hallway.


Look at the fantastic art we did for Christmas. We coloured in a gigantic picture of Santa’s Workshop. We also designed baubles for our Christmas Trees too!

Quiz time

We put our general knowledge to the test and had a quiz. Some of the boys and girls from 6th class came down to our class too!

Well done to the teams who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

Hot chocolate

We finally completed our hot chocolate challenge! We even got some popcorn too!

Christmas holidays

We played lots of games on our last day of school before our Christmas holidays!

Jumper day

Our jumpers were merry and bright against the cold winter frost on Friday!


We love a game of bingo on a Friday! We used our new Irish words all about An Nollaig!

Hibernating BEars

Oíche nollag

Feic ar ár bpictiurí faoin Oíche Nollag


We wrote about our favourite Christmas memories this week.

Polar bears

We stared making polar bears in art today using sponges! We can’t wait to see how they turn out tomorrow.

hundreds tens & units

This week our class moved on to using hundreds in maths! We played lots of games and used our whiteboards too.

Christmas concert

We had a fantastic night last night on stage performing our play ” Santa’s Little Reindeer”!


Our annuals kept us busy back stage last night during the concert.


Advent is a time to prepare for the arrival of baby Jesus.

We made advent crowns this week for art! We decorated green card with the 5 candles in the Advent wreath, we added some ribbon and glitter too.


In between all our concert rehearsals we managed to squeeze in time to decorate our classChristmas tree this week! The children were in charge of the camera and all the decorations!

Do you want to build a snowman?

We are working very hard at our procedural writing this month.

Christmas Windows

Look at the beautiful Christmas windows we created this week!

Winter Winds

Look at our art hanging outside our room.

We remember!

In November we remember all the people who have passed away. We wrote lovely prayers and hung them on our WOW WALL!

How to be a good friend

We created a step by step guide on how to be a good friend! We voted on the most important one “Have courage and stand up for your friends”!


We are revising all our addition tables for the next few weeks! We are learning them off by heart! We quizzed our partners today


Look at us regrouping in maths! We learned how to changed tens back into units in maths stations. We did more work on it this week!


We are learning all about procedural writing in English. We learned how to make a cup of tea. On Friday everyone brought in their own mug and we made a cup of tea. We even had biscuits!


We are still reading our novel, Fantastic Mr Fox. We like to sit on the mat and listen to the audiobook.

Winter winds

This week for art we created winter winds using swirls. We added trees and snow on Friday. We will hang them up outside our classroom on Monday.


We are coding on our Chromebooks every Thursday!


Look at the beautiful art work we created based on our novel.


Thanks to Batt, Brendan, Nuala and all the transition students for teaching us handball over the past 2 weeks. Hopefully we can use our new skills at home and in the handball alley. Everyone from 2nd to 6th is going home with a new handball.

Table of the week

The Hippos won table of the week this week. They are delighted to have the cushions for next week.

Fantastic Mr Fox

This week we started our new novel Fantastic Mr Fox! We read the book for 5 minutes a day.

Maths Week

Look at us measuring items that are bigger and smaller than 1 metre today in stations.


Today we carved pumpkins and created pumpkins with clay! It was such a busy day!

Witches wreath

Halloween is in full swing in Rang a 2 this week. Look at the beautiful wreaths we made. We picked autumn and halloween colours

Maths week

As part of maths week this year we started maths stations. Look at the towers we made with Ms Rice.

Óiche Shamhna

Féach ar ár bpictiúrí!!

typing club

Look at us typing again this week!

nature walk

On Friday our class went to the castle. We met Ger and learned lots of new facts about Conna Castle. After we went on a nature walk, we found conkers, leaves and acorns for our nature table in school.


In Maths we have been learning all about patterns. Today we used lots of materials to create different patterns.

Free writing

Every evening we work on our Free Writing. We pick a topic from our bingo sheet and write for 4 minutes with out stopping!! We are trying to increase it every day!

Leaf art

We created leaf art using pointilism. We are learning all about patterns in maths too.

Sorting nouns

We are learning all about the different kinds of nouns.


Féach ar ár málaí scoile a rinneamar inné!


We investigated how much sugar drinks have. We compared lots of different drinks. We wrote about the experiment in our exploration copies!


We worked with cubes this week to revise regrouping in Maths! Everyone remembered what they had learned in 1st class!

We are learning to type in 2nd

Today we started typing on our Chromebooks. We used Ms Nagle’s desk and worked in groups of 2.

Golden time

We had golden time last week. We had so much fun playing with all the different games.


Look at the WOW wall in our classroom

September Art

Look at the beautiful swallows that we painted.


What a fantastic day at the parish blitz.

Spellings for Me

This is our first year using this amazing online spellings programme. We are so excited and have been busy testing on our school tablets this month.


Bhíomar ag foghlaim na dathanna.


As part of our history this week we conducted interviews in class.