farewell to 6th class

We said farewell to our 6th class today with a guard of honour in the yard. We wish them all the best in the next chapter of their lives. We are so proud to call them our past pupils.

Happy holiday everyone. We hope you stay safe and happy during summer. We look forward to seeing you all on August 31st.

6th class graduation

The sun was shining for our graduation ceremony today. We had plenty of practice and were ready for the ceremony to go live. Jason was on camera and Mr. Mulcahy on the microphone. We said a sad farewell Conna NS and all it’s staff. There was singing, music and poetry. The school also says farewell to Ms. Casey for the year while she goes on her career break. Well done to everyone involved.


If you missed out or would like to enjoy it all over again you can access it below.

After the ceremony we got a nice surprise as we had a pizza party. It was delicious!

Sports Day

Junior Infants to 2nd class had our sport day in the school today and what an amazing day we had. We had great fun with games, yoga, dance, water and the parachute. The highlight of our day was when the ice-cream van came to visit!

Third to 6th class walked to the pitch for fun and games. We had an amazing time. Our step count is off the charts! Pictures are available under the fourth/fifth class tab.

Wellness Wednesday

Between now and the end of June we will be celebrating Wellness Wednesday in Conna NS. We know the academics are important but above all we value our mental health and the wellbeing of pupils and staff. You might catch us taking a stroll around the yard to chat to our friends or enjoying a treat in the staff room!


There was caws for concern this morning when a crow flew into Senior Infants. We had to get a crow-bar and some vel-crow to remove him…he must have thought he was in CAWlege!! Thankfully he returned to his pals safe and sound before the children arrived in.

Happy Easter

We had a very egg-citing day in school today. The Easter Bunny came to visit with Easter eggs for everyone. He bounced in to every classroom. He told us he has been in quarantine for the past two weeks. Thanks to the Parents Association who sponsored him!!

Odd Socks


Thanks to everyone for supporting our odd socks/lots of socks fund raiser for Down Syndrome Ireland. We had lots of fun showing off our socks. We will put up the total amount raised next week as it is still rolling in!!

St Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all our wonderful families. We had a wonderful Teddy Bear Parade in the sunshine today. Some teddies were big, some were small, some were bald but all were welcome! Enjoy the day off school tomorrow. See you all on Thursday.

https://youtu.be/RbveMOvk0WE St Patrick’s Day Parade Junior Infants to 1st

https://youtu.be/llxLkjZ4yHQ St Patrick’s Day Parade Second Class

Open Night

Welcome to our online Open Night. We hope you find it useful!! Hopefully we will meet our new families later in the year.

Welcome back to school…..again

We are delighted to be welcoming Junior Infants to 2nd class back to school on Monday March 1st. We are also looking forward to seeing the senior classes on March 15th. Hang in there parents, we know it’s been a very challenging year. You have all done amazing work, the end is in sight!

Shrove tuesday or pancake tuesday

Yay for pancakes. We hope you will all be attempting to make some pancakes on Tuesday. Top them with lemon and sugar, Nutella and ice cream or cream and fruit to mention a few. The following day is Ash Wednesday which marks the first of 40 days of lent.

Below are two pancake recipes. The first is for traditional pancakes, the second is for American style flyffy pancakes. Have fun flipping them!!

https://www.bordbia.ie/recipes/pancake-recipes/basic-pancake-recipe/ Pancake Recipe

https://youtu.be/JPdpSAvmnHY Jamie Oliver American Style Pancakes

https://youtu.be/G6MH75lyvkM Why we celebrate Shrove Tuesday


https://youtu.be/GMMK0LX-nx4 If You Give A Pig A Pancake

https://youtu.be/MjKUEJBpA4s Pancakes, Pancakes!

https://youtu.be/Ka0_upuOWCA The Big Pancake


Happy Valentines to all our wonderful pupils. May your day be full of love and chocolate. Here are a few videos that you might find interesting.

Guess How Much I Love You

https://youtu.be/JdKZepHMFWE Some information on St. Valentine

https://youtu.be/mLdfVgWJ_yk A Valentine’s Song

https://youtu.be/eeCvcMs-p0g Valentine’s Day Facts

https://youtu.be/b-XuzuXbfVo Valentine’s Jokes

https://youtu.be/whska4M2Egg More Jokes

https://youtu.be/AzUIKh7rP0o Valentine’s Science-sensory bottle

https://youtu.be/gjGS_tTi6RE Three easy science experiments

https://youtu.be/aQxn8qlHdk0 More Science

https://youtu.be/XxbXqVt-nNA Valentine’s PE

https://youtu.be/rCVDmiGu698 The Cupid Shuffle


If you are in need of some art inspiration, why not Make and Do with our very own Mary Fitzgerald. Ms Dillon will post some art ideas for you regularly.

Peacock February 22nd

https://youtu.be/jRu9eZ0OA_o 1

https://youtu.be/55UjcRLb2v0 2

https://youtu.be/xiA1gZCv5cs 3

Valentines Day Cards February 9th

https://youtu.be/7rLVGvj2Q4A 1

https://youtu.be/3e54sHRl1_U 2

https://youtu.be/O-3_ffFV2nY 3

https://youtu.be/nZW-NSg3bKM 4

Spring Umbrella February 4th

https://youtu.be/NLClGL7Peo4 1

https://youtu.be/rIRuFl0LzN0 2

https://youtu.be/eGWNWtTC3XU 3



If you find all the emails, videos and Zoom calls too much then give yourself a break and just read to your child, especially if they are in the lower half of the school. If they are older, encourage them to read for 15/20 minutes every day. Let them see you reading, it’s the best way to spark their interest. They will do what you do, not what you say!

It is a great way to….

-Develop their vocabulary and language skills





….to name just a few.

We will post a few videos here each week of some of our favourite stories but there are so many out there!

https://youtu.be/6sqmIHPsZn0 The Very Busy Spider 🕷

https://youtu.be/POT7Zso30aY Gorilla Who Loves Vanilla

https://youtu.be/QqAhRK2w4y0 The Runaway Pancake 🥞🥞🥞

https://youtu.be/Wk5hVFWs5XQ Superworm

https://youtu.be/pQQdfqopN0A Rumpelstiltskin

https://youtu.be/zcYYn68Hx7w 💞Guess How Much I Love You💞

https://youtu.be/HiY8t6j5NCM 💙🧡That’s When I’m Happy❤💜

https://youtu.be/utdZRYNzjO4 🥰 Mr Goat’s Valentine 🥰

https://youtu.be/M7OqNZwi40Y 💖💗The Day It Rained Hearts 💗💖

https://youtu.be/byOL1FOLMNA Six Dinner Sid 🐾

https://youtu.be/Bf1fWwbTz3M Jack and the Beanstalk

https://youtu.be/y3ehW26-9MU The Three Billy Goats Gruff

https://youtu.be/kzcllnP0JkY The Three Little Super Pigs 🐷🐷🐷

https://youtu.be/g6ekOBjISKw I’m Not Sleepy

https://youtu.be/Bkat8iyWLOs WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE

https://youtu.be/7d4WI6NxbTU Diary of a Wombat

https://youtu.be/0hoSHB_B1JQ Mr Pod and Mr Picallili

https://youtu.be/RIw7n8GBXSA The Littlest Owl 🦉

https://youtu.be/nII7hdM56QE The Wolf Who Wouldn’t Go to Bed 🐺

https://youtu.be/YpHNqSm_dt4 My Friend the Weather Monster 🌤

https://youtu.be/OQwL7RgzWbs My Big Shouting Day!!

https://youtu.be/UU1EAdBbpi4 Zog and the Flying Doctors

https://youtu.be/FAdxGGuTJr0 Don’t Let The Aliens Get My Marvelous Mum

https://youtu.be/7IJ4BakTB_Q The Very Busy Day

https://youtu.be/wkPcsYKzJ0U Dino Juniors Wide Awake

https://youtu.be/zhCN3FHU_Us The Jelly that Wouldn’t Wobble

https://youtu.be/lWZMD_0W8AA Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat

https://youtu.be/cyId8FzmMGI The Hospital Dog

https://youtu.be/O1DjZWk1m6Q Monkey Puzzle

https://youtu.be/icA9GAvjOoY Loose Lace!

https://youtu.be/pxFFU5i-c44 Stick Man

https://youtu.be/LjDW8Y4BYWM The Gruffalo

Tips for storytime

-Get comfortable.

-Turn off the TV and phone.

-It doesn’t have to be at bedtime!

-Let them choose the story.

-Speak to your child about the story, predict what will happen or recount the story if it’s familiar.

-Talk about the front and back cover.

-Explain what an author and illustrator is.

-Explain what the blurb is.

-Point out familiar words or the letters/letter pattern they are learning that week.

-Ask them what their favourite part of the book is and why.

-Tell them your favourite part.

-Predict what might happen next, after the story ends.

-Look at the pictures- name the animals, places, occupation of the characters, colours etc.

-Talk about the message in the book. Is it teaching about empathy, sharing etc.


-Get your older child(ren) to read to the younger ones!

-Let them write and illustrate their own book for younger siblings, cousins or neighbours.

If you are short of books or are looking for some new ones then subscribe, for free, to www.getepic.com

School Closure

As per department guidelines the school will be closed for the month of January. Learning will continue online. We hope you are all staying safe and well. If you need to contact a member of staff or the school office please email us. You can find all email addresses under contacts on the main website page.


Wishing everyone a peaceful and safe Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Conna National School. Here is a little message from all the boys and girls.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We are very sorry you can’t come and visit us this year. Here is a little look around the school at some of the beautiful art the kids have been busy with.

A Star Is Born

Our very own Katelyn McDonagh will be in the RTE Junior ad on RTE Junior at 5:24 tonight, Monday 14th. We can’t wait to see her. Well done Katelyn. We are very proud of you.

Pieta House

We are so proud of our school for raising E480 for Pieta House when we dressed up at Halloween. Well done everyone.

The Late Late Toy Show

Not long until the Toy Show on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. The goodie bags have arrived in school!! We will be giving them out to the kids tomorrow.

A massive thank you to the Parents Association for organising this delicious treat and fundraiser. Thanks to our wonderful parents for their support. Enjoy the treats everyone!

Competition winner casper didek

Way back in September fourth, fifth and sixth class entered Panini’s Official Premier League Adrenalyn XL 2020/2021 Trading Cards – Classroom Challenge Competition. The pupils had to design a winners trophy for the event of their choice. Ms Casey and Ms Nagle sent the entries off digitally with everyone hoping they had done enough to win the top prize- E1000 for the school, E50 for the pupil and a football shirt of their choice.

We got the wonderful news this morning that Casper Didek, in 6th class, had won the top prize in the Republic of Ireland. We are all extremely proud of this amazing achievement. His wonderful art trophy shows how talented Casper is. We suspect this is not the last prize Casper will win for his art work. He has a bright future ahead of him. There were big celebrations in school today. What a great start to November!!!


Happy Halloween

Thanks to everyone for the huge effort that went into all the costumes and face paint today. We had lots of fun and games in school and also raised lots of money for a great cause, Pieta House. In total we raised a whopping E435 so far. Have a fantastic break. We look forward to seeing everyone back rested and refreshed in November.

Discover science and maths award

Our school has achieved the SFI Discover Science and Maths Award for the 2019/2020 academic year. We will receive the plaque of STEM shortly. Well done to all the students, staff and parents for their very hard work both in school and at home during the lockdown. The school provided evidence of children’s engagement with STEM in the following areas:





STEM Showcase

Here is some feedback on our Log of Evidence:

Well done – it was a pleasure to assess your submission for this Plaque award. Your LOG presented evidence clearly explained and illustrated of all the activities you list in the application. Your observations on the experiments show that the skills of Estimation, Prediction and Measuring are being developed. I was particularly impressed with your pupil led demonstrations on the relationship between nose and taste, the elephant toothpaste, climate change PP – all very interesting and designed by learners themselves. The work you did at home during the lockdown also shows great independence. You also managed a very worthwhile Showcase despite the closure. Congratulations on achieving your award – keep up the good work and maybe consider applying for the Badge of Excellence next year

u12 County league winners

Massive congratulations to our under 12 County League winners. We are very proud of Ronan, Shay, James and Eoghan who all played on Saturday in Ballynoe. They beat Sarsfields 5-10 to 3-6 after extra time.

Contact us!!

We miss the quick chat at the gate or the catch up in the yard with our parents and guardians. Instead you can now contact each teacher on their personal school email if you have any queries or problems.

Ms Joyce- mjoyce@connans.com

Ms O’Brien- aobrien@connans.com

Ms Quigley- equigley@connans.com

Ms Power- lpower@connans.com

Mr Clancy- rclancy@connans.com

Ms Nagle- cnagle@connans.com

Ms Casey- amcasey@connans.com

Ms Rice- vrice@connans.com

Ms Flynn- cflynn@connans.com

Mr Mulcahy- principal@connans.com

School entry and exit

Here is a little video to show you where to go on Monday morning. There will also be plenty of staff around to help you. See you then.

Back to school

We can’t wait to see you all on Monday. Things may look a little different than normal but we are very excited to see you all again.

First Holy Communion

Congratulations to our 16 students who are receiving their First Holy Communion tomorrow. We hope you and your families have a wonderful day. We are very proud of you all here in Conna National School. We are looking forward to hearing all about it in a few weeks time!!


We had some famous friends wishing our 6th Class of 2020 the best on their graduation from Conna N.S. You can view them in the links below.

Christopher O’Sullivan


Jake Carter


Joe Schmidt


Kieran Kingston


Norma Sheehan


Nathan Carter



Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

We should all be skipping out of school today excited for the next 8 weeks!! Enjoy the summer everyone. Remember to read every day and play outside. Be kind to yourself and others. Help your parents a little, give them a little holiday too. Looking forward to seeing you all on August 31st


Massive Congratulations to all our 6th class pupils and their families who had their graduation tonight. We had a fun Zoom party and a trip down memory lane. We wish you all every success in Secondary School and beyond. Never forget how proud we are of you all.

Be The Best That You Can Be.

Virtual Sports Week

The Summer 2020 Target Table is designed to engage children in collecting their own data and seeing if they can improve
(with practice!) over the summer of 2020, on dates of their choice. The children could choose what aspects of their own sporting ability they would like to improve or perhaps pick a variety of tasks from a proposed list to practice throughout the summer. Follow the link for more information.


Virtual Sports Week

Have you ever measured your reaction time? There’s an easy way to test reaction times using just a ruler.

Reaction time is the time taken for a person to respond to a stimulus. For example if you touch something very cold, there is a slight delay between you touching it and moving your hand away, because it takes time for the information to travel from your hand, to your brain where it is processed and then a response started. Follow the link below to find out how to test your reaction time.


Maths challenge-Tables

A good knowledge of tables is crucial to success in maths. Why not take on this project for the summer and make your stairs more interesting!!

Dublin Zoo-The Eco Explorers Club

Dublin Zoo have launched The Eco Explorers Club. It features educational videos, Draw with Don Art Class with Don Conroy, Imagination Children’s Yoga and Virtual Eco Explorers Tour at Dublin Zoo.


maths challenge-THE E PUZZLE

The aim of the E puzzle is to reverse the positions of the Green and Red counters in the bold grid.

There are rules of course to make it a challenge:

*There is no passing or jumping.

*Only one piece at a time can be in the same square.

You can use counters, coins, buttons anything you like.

Air Hockey

If you would like a new game to play then why not try air hockey. You can play it indoors or outdoors. Use old bowls, plant pots, tins or anything else you can think of to hit with. A beanbag or pair of socks will do as a puck. Use some pieces of wood, a broom handle or rolled up towels as the sides.

seaShell Collage

If you were inspired by the Nautical School yesterday then try a seashell collage. Glue your shells to some wood and then paint with some watered down paint. You could stick to ocean colours or use a rainbow theme. Alternatively you could paint some shells with old nail varnish. Add glitter or stickers. Varnish with clear nail varnish or glue.


Learn about well know Cork mathematicians in the link below. You might have heard this name before, George Boole, especially if you are familiar with UCC.


Scoil na Mara-Nautical school

The Cork County Council Environmental Awareness Team have an online educational resource called Scoil na Mara. It is comprised of a series of videos exploring and celebrating the Irish seashore biodiversity and highlighting the importance of the ocean. They also have news and quizzes on their Facebook page. You will find them on Scoil na Mara Facebook page or Scoil na Mara YouTube Channel.

maths challenge-pig

  • PIG is a game for 2 to 6 players.
  • Players take turns with a die.
  • On a player’s turn he/she can roll a die as many times as they like.
  • If a roll is a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, the player adds that many points to their score for the turn.
  • A player may choose to end their turn at any time and “bank” their points.
  • If a player rolls a 1, they lose all their unbanked points and their turn is over.

Find more information here. https://www.mathsweek.ie/2017/puzzles/pig-game-for-primary-schools

Raised salt painting

This is a fun painting activity that kids and adults of all ages will enjoy. All you need are a few basic tools and off you go. Here is a video tutorial of what to do. Have some messy fun!!


maths challenge-The Jumping Maze

How to play-Start at the black square with the “1” on it in the centre of the bottom row, and jump forward, sideways, or backwards, but never diagonally, the number of squares indicated by the number on the square. The objective is to find your way to the central square.

It is not as easy as it looks.

Maths challenge

Students will develop their number sense as they try reach a total of 20, by taking it in turns to encircle a number from 1 to 9 and adding these figures to the sum of the previous figures. They must try reach 20 themselves but also prevent their opponent from reaching 20. Extend to 40 for older children.



Are you as tired of playing hide and seek as I am?!! If so why not try playing sardines, this is hide and seek in reverse. One person is designated to hide while the others count. If you find the hidden person, you join them. Last person to find them loses. Hours of fun!

Maths challenge-Chalk activities

There are lots of maths activities that you can do with chalk. Hopscotch is a great activity to reinforce number order for younger kids. Drawing geometric designs and mazes are challenging fun for older kids.



Do you have any broken toys or appliances at home? If so why not let the kids take them apart and see how they are made or if they can be fixed. It’s a great STEM project and fantastic for fine motor skills.

Maths challenge- Figure me out poster

Children will create a poster that will have others solving equations to figure them out. This activity is more suitable for slightly older children.

Kitchen Roll Colouring Patterns

This is a perfect activity to keep big and small people busy! Look at a sheet of kitchen roll and notice the tiny indented dots on it. Use pens or markers to dot some colour on each to make the patterns bright and colourful.

lego steamathon

Cork County Council are running a LEGO building competition with a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) theme every week. It is open to all ages. See the poster for full details.

Julia Donaldson

Calling all Julia Donaldson fans! Julia Donaldson and Friends are live every week with one of her books. There is reading, singing and illustrating. You will find her on the Gruffalo Facebook page every Thursday at 4pm.

Heritage in Schools Competition

The following is an email from The Heritage Council. They have a really interesting site for anyone interested in nature and the environment. They are also running a competition but the closing date is June 2nd so you only have a week if you are interested. Good luck!!

The Heritage Council, in association with Specialists from the Heritage in Schools Scheme Panel, is developing a suite of online tutorials for primary school children, their parents and teachers. These tutorials will complement the existing library of resources currently available on the Heritage in Schools website. The resources are both fun and educational and are designed to inspire and develop an appreciation and curiosity about Ireland’s wonderful natural and cultural heritage whilst supporting the aims and objectives of the SESE curriculum. 

The tutorials and other resources can be accessed at http://www.heritageinschools.ie/online-tutorials.

To mark the release of the latest tutorials in the series we’re running a competition with a prize in each of the following categories.  Winners will receive a €50 One4All voucher and a free visit from a Heritage in Schools Expert for their school (to be redeemed September-December 2020).


  1. Online time machine

Task: Using the maps John D. Ruddy refers to including Geohive and Google Maps, find out what building used to be where the Letterkenny Public Library stands today in County Donegal. Write a paragraph about the building. What did it look like? Are there any photographs of it? (300 words max).

  1. Backyard BioBlitz

Task: Watch Fionn’s tutorial on Backyard BioBlitz and Albert’s Wildlife Safari and have a BioBlitz at home. Submit your records to the National Biodiversity Data Centre https://records.biodiversityireland.ie/start-recording and send us your species list.

  1. Draw a violet or a beech leaf

Task: Follow Marina Levitina’s guidance on drawing a violet flower or a beech leaf and email a copy to us.

  1. Weave a fish

Task: Using materials you find at home weave a fish following Beth’s step-by-step instruction. Email a photo of your finished work to us.

Email entries to heritageinschools@heritagecouncil.ie. Please include the child’s name, age and school. Please provide written consent for images, voice or text to be shared on social media and Heritage Council websites.

Closing date for entries: Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Cork County Library

Cork County Library are asking people to share a story, poem or photo that encapsulates 2020, life in lockdown during the COVID-19 crisis. This is not a competition, submitted pieces will be stored in an archive in the Local Studies Department as a resource for future historians. The closing date is June 15th. Please see the poster for full details.

Maths Challenge-Quadrant Sampling

This activity will have students apply their maths skills of measure and statistics to monitor biodiversity (the variety of life around us). This activity is more suited for older children but you could simplify it for younger kids by using a hula hoop and throwing it down randomly in the garden. Find all the information below.


Maths Challenge-Bird Survey

A bird survey is a fantastic way to become aware of the many species of birds around us. Birds love singing at dusk and at dawn, mainly to mark their territory and let everyone know that they are here. To us, the songs of birds sound like songs of joy and together they merge into one amazing concert. You will find the activity and more information here https://www.mathsweek.ie/2019/maths-at-home-activities/#activity29birdsurv

Maths Challenge-Working Systematically

Mathematicians try to work systematically so they can see how they worked something out and see patterns which messy work might not reveal. There are lots of fun activities here for children of all ages and abilities.

For younger children https://nrich.maths.org/9807

For older children https://nrich.maths.org/9810

Dino Dig – Melting Ice with Salt and Water

If your child loves dinosaurs, this Dino Dig activity will be a big hit. It’s easy to set up and will have your child melting ice with salt and water to free toy dinosaurs and other treasures from a frozen block of ice. Science, water play, and fine motor development are all wrapped up in one in this fun, icy activity! If you don’t have dinosaurs you can use pom poms, cars or just about anything else that’s lying about.

Today is World Bee Day!!!

To celebrate World Bee Day, here is a symmetry activity which brings maths and art together. If you have water-based paint, paper, and a scissors you are ready to go. There is also lots of very interesting information on bees and maths here. https://www.mathsweek.ie/2019/maths-at-home-activities/#activity31BeeSymmetry

Look up some information on bees and see what the buzz is!


Maybe you have some of Mrs Barry’s honey at home which you can enjoy today. Or have a Teddy Bears Picnic in the garden and enjoy the sound of the bees buzzing around.

Maths Challenge- Pairs of numbers

This is such a simple exercise but an essential maths skill. Mark 1-10 on counters, blocks or paper and ask you child to make pairs of ten. Extend to 20 and beyond as they get familiar.


Getting Active

Exercise is so important for both our physical and mental well being. Put away the school books, forget about the housework and get outside for half an hour. Safe Food have a great interactive game where you spin the wheel to select an activity. The whole family can get involved. Unfortunately Marty Wheelan is not there and there is no cash prize at the end!! Our health is our wealth.


Maths Challenge-Countdown

The maths activity is a fantastic resource to engage children with mental maths. Recreate the popular TV game show from the comfort of your own home. This game will have contestants using the available numbers and the four standard operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) to get as close as possible to the target number. Follow the link below for full instructions.


Giant Wordsearch

Create a giant word search on a large glass window or door using a white board marker. Alternatively use some old wallpaper, a large box or chalk to create one.

Alternatively you can make one online. You can play online or print them off. Here is just one site. There are loads.


Calling All Harry Potter Fans

You can now enroll at Hogwarts and take online magic classes. They are completely free. The site is run by a group of passionate Harry Potter fans. Just follow the link below. Happy wizardry!!


Maths Challenge

This quick maths activity can be played many times throughout the day and will keep young children’s mental maths ticking over.

In a twist of usual events, students will be given the answer to a maths problem and they will have to think of lots of different possibilities for what the question might be, using the basic operations.

It can easily be extended to more difficult questions for older or more able children.


Blind Man’s Bluff

If you don’t know this game your parents probably do! The person who is “it” wears a blindfold and tries to tag the other players. Be sure to play this in an area safe from obstructions and other hazards. It’s best played in a small group. All you need is a scarf, a tie or an eye mask to use as a blindfold.


Try drawing with your eyes closed. Start with some simple shapes and then move onto something a little more complex like your pet or your favourite food.

Letter Hunt

This is something for the smallies. Look at the letters in your name and then go around the house or garden and take pictures of some objects that start with that letter. Move onto the letters in brothers, sisters or parents names.

 Agamograph Art

An agamograph is a series of images that change at different angles. This work is named after the Israeli sculptor, Yaacov Agam who was born in 1928 and is still living today. Can you work out what age he is? You can create you own agamograph with some paper, colours, a ruler, glue and scissors. Follow the link to see what to do.


Party Time!

Why not have a party for a pet or a teddy if nobody in your house has a birthday this month. We celebrated our cat turning 15. We had to write out party invites, make a birthday card, decorate banners, bake a cake and arrange the (teddy) guests in order of size and colour. We also had to spring clean downstairs before our guests arrived, I still can’t believe I got away with that one! We had a disco and read her a story. We also practiced giving compliments and being grateful. Lots of learning and fun to be had.

Make your Own Projectors

Use some toilet rolls and a torch to make your own mini projectors. If you are feeling really adventurous make a bigger one to watch a film on. However you will need a magnifying glass. https://mcm.org/make-your-own-projectors/

GAA Primary Challenges

The GAA have weekly curriculum lessons and competitions available. It’s broken up into the junior and senior classes. This weeks competition is a skills competition.


Maths Challenge

If your kids are looking for something to really challenge them then you will definitely find it here. There are some very difficult puzzles. Look away now if you are feeling dull from the lockdown!!!


Maths Challenge

World Cup Puzzle

There are 6 teams in a group. Each team plays every other team twice. How many games are there in total?

Maths Challenge

Space Mission

A rocket blasts off from Earth heading for Mars, getting faster as it travels. In fact, the rocket’s speed doubles every week that it’s in space. If the rocket lands on Mars in week 12, in which week was it halfway there?

Maths Challenge

World Cup Qualifiers
There are 6 teams in a group. Each team plays every other team twice.
How many games are there in total?

Straw Pick Up Game

Cut out a variety of coloured squares. Mix them up and grab some straws. Have a competition to see who can pick up all their squares first by sucking on the straw and transferring into a bowl. If you have no-one to play with then try and beat the clock.

Maths Challenge

The classic puzzle of getting the farmer across the river with the animals and grain without the animals eating the grain or each other! There is a further extension for older kids involving the members from U2 crossing a bridge to get to their concert on time. Definitely worth a look.


Shadow Drawing

Try drawing your favourite toys by placing them on a sheet of paper and casting a shadow on them with either the sun (fingers crossed!) or a torch. All you have to do is draw around them and then colour in. Can you make your picture bigger or smaller by changing the angle of the light or the position of the toy?

Maths Challenge

Can you work out how many days we have been off school? How many hours did you spend on devices yesterday? How many hours outside? How many minutes did you spend doing homework yesterday? How many seconds since you had a fight with someone in your house?

Maths Challenge

Dastardly Diagrams. This is a great challenge for older primary kids. Follow the link below.