Junior Infants ARCHIVE 22-23

First Day

Well done to our new pupils, and their parents, on their first day of many in primary school!

school Tour to Leahy’s Open farm!!

On Friday, June 9th, we went to Leahy’s Open Farm on our very first School Tour!! The excitement was incredible!! The weather was kind to us and we had the best day ever!! The boys and girls had so much fun and there were some tired legs by the end of the day. We hope that you enjoy our school tour photos!

We’re all ready for Summer!!

This week, we were looking at the globe and learning about countries and interesting places around the world. For artwork this week, we designed our own aerpolane and planned to travel to our favourite place in the world!!

Gymnastics- check out our latest cool moves!!

Carnivorous plants- the venus fly trap

This fortnight we have been learning about carnivorous plants. The children were fascinated by the Venus Flytrap.

Carnivorous plants- The Pitcher Plant

Another carnivorous plant that we learned about was the Pitcher Plant- it was fascinating to see that the Pitcher Plant had already caught some flies inside it’s flowers as a tasty snack!!!

Play Time!

We had so much fun with pretend play today!

THe children of lir

In history this week, we have been learning the story of the Children of Lir. Our artwork this week was inspired by the story.

Crepe paper art

We used crepe paper to create some master-pieces in artwork this week as well as practising our fine motor skills!


We were strengthening our core muscles again this week in gymnastics. We also learned how to do tumbles and donkey kicks!

Science- floating and sinking

This week in Science, we carried out experiments to investigate floating and sinking. We tested out a variety of objects such as pencils, rubbers, toppers, paper, cubes and maths toys to see which would float or sink. We made predictions first and then tested out our items to see which floated or sank. We all got a bit wet but had great fun along the way!

Local Geography and local History walk

Over the past few weeks in school we have been studying Local History and Local Geography. We have learned about buildings and places in our locality and how some have changed over time. Today we went on a walking tour to see these places in reality. We visited the Old schoolhouse which was built in 1948, The former Hotel and Court House in Conna’s Main street, the Post Office, Conna Hall, The Nursing Home, The Graveyard, Conna Castle, The 1916 memorial at Conna Bridg……..and finally we stopped at Tom English’s shop for a tasty treat on our way home!! Overall, we had a fantastic day……and some very tired legs!!

Science- Light and shadows

This week, we were learning experimenting with light and shadows in Science. We discovered how to make a long shadow, a short shadow….and even how to make no shadow at all. We learned how the sun casts its shadow on Earth too.

Gymnastics with kenny

We learned lots of new stretches and positions and had some great fun too in gymnastics this week!


Every week, we just LOVE PE with Seánie!!!

Easter Hunt!

Our class were brimming with excitement as we set out on our annual Easter Hunt!!! The children had a great sense of achievement as they completed the hunt and found all of the clues!!

Hoppy Easter!!

We had great fun making Easter wreaths and bunny pictures as Easter Artwork!

we’re reading our very own Library Books!

We have been working so hard learning our sight words and sounds that we are now ready to read our very own library books for the very first time!!


We are making jigsaws today. They are so many benefits to making jigsaws. From practicing our team work and motor skills, problem solving and managing our frustration!!

St Patrick’s Day

We all look amazing for our dress up today. We have been celebrating Seachtain na Gaeilge this week as well.

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all our wonderful mums.

We visited the crib at conna church

Today we walked down to visit the Crib at Conna Church. It looked beautiful. We said a little prayer and wished that all our friends and family would have a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Christmas Jumper day!

We had plenty of festive fun and some hot chocolate too at our Christmas Jumper Day last Friday!

Our Christmas Show!

We worked really hard and sang our hearts out at our Christmas Show last Thursday, December 8th!! I’m so proud of the Junior Infant children….they were amazing!! We hope that you enjoyed our performance as much as we did?!

Our very own toy show!

Today was such an exciting day in Junior Infants! Each child brought in their favourite toy/game/teddy or doll from home. They sat in the WOW CHAIR and told us about their toy and why it was their favourite. At playtime, the children got to share and play with their favourite toys with each other!

Christmas show time!

We’ve been busy practising for our Christmas Show in Conna Hall on December 8th!!

Halloween Art

We have been busy doing artwork for Halloween!

Science- The Nappy experiment!

We had fun observing absorption in science using nappies and water!!!

Sounds and Sight Words

We are learning to read!! We have been busy learning sounds and sight words for the past few weeks!

Movement Breaks

We take time to get out of our seats and get moving during the school day!

Maths- Tallest to Smallest

We have been talking about tall and small as part of the measures strand in Maths. Today we measured ourselves!………… from tallest to smallest.

Teddy Bear TIme!

We were delighted with our new Teddy Bears! They will be a special memory in years to come……..as they have our photo from our first day in school on them!

PE with Seánie

The boys and girls absolutely love doing PE with Seánie every Wednesday!

Clara is a big sister!

Congratulations to Clara who became a big sister this week!!


We went on a journey today at playtime………can you guess where we went?!


We have been using MARLA in school each week to strengthen our finger muscles and get ready for writing!

Fine Motor skills

We have been busy practising our fine motor skills and getting our hands ready for handwriting!


We have enjoyed plenty of playtime during our first few weeks of school!

Our journey together begins……

Welcome New Junior Infants 2022!!

Our first week in school!!