Fourth/Fifth Class ARCHIVE 22-23


We had an ice-cream party to finish up the school year. We are so excited for the summer holidays!!

sports day

We had our sports day on Monday 19th June. It was so much fun!


Look at the lovely pieces we created using clay! We are looking forward to the summer holidays.

happy retirement ms roche

Look at the lovely artwork we made for Ms. Roche’s retirement celebration. We also performed one of her favourite songs ‘The Garden Song.’

the amber flag

Well done to the Amber Flag committee on all of their hard work this year! Our Amber Flag arrived this week. We proudly hung it outside our school today, Friday 9th June.

maths fun!

5th class have been learning all about capacity this week. We enjoyed using measuring jugs to measure different quantities of water!

discover opera

On Wednesday 31st May 3rd and 4th class visited Lismore gardens for an Opera workshop. The sun was shining as we walked through the gardens and admired the beautiful flowers and castle. We did different drama games with some of the cast members. We also got to look at the costumes and the different props backstage! Finally we performed ‘The Witches Chorus’. We have been practicing for our performance for the past six weeks in school.

cloud spotting

We have been busy learning all about clouds. First we looked at the formation of clouds. Then we learned all about the clouds cirrus, stratus, cumulus and cumulonimbus!

paper helicopters

4th and 5th class learned about the force of gravity in science this week. We also explored how some things fall and how varying the size of the rotor blades, the shapes of the rotor blades and the weight of a paper helicopter affect the way a helicopter spins.

3d shapes

5th class have been learning all about 3D shapes this week. We constructed 3D shapes using art matchsticks and blue tack. We also made 3D Shapes using nets.

our school tour

On Wednesday 24th May we went on our school tour to Ballyhass Lakes in Coachford. We participated in land, height and water activities. It was a fantastic day!!

eu projects

Look at the amazing projects we did on various countries in the E.U!!

summer art

4th and 5th class created this wonderful artwork by making prints using tinfoil. We love how they turned out!


4th and 5th class have been using the Chromebooks to type their narrative stories.

europe day 2023

We celebrated Europe Day today by performing the EU National Anthem ‘Ode to Joy’. We also raised the European flag outside our school.


4th and 5th class have been busy constructing Norman castles!

fabric and fibre

Today we designed outfits using different materials. We have been learning all about the science of fabrics in SESE!


We really enjoyed gymnastics today. The sun was shining outside while we were doing it!


We love dancing to GoNoodle!

mindful colouring

To celebrate wellbeing week in our school we did some mindful colouring along with other activities. We enjoyed listening to relaxing music as we coloured.


We enjoyed hot chocolate today. It was delicious!


Our class got chocolate Easter eggs today as a treat for winning the Seachtain na Gaeilge competition!!

Funky easter bunnies!

Check out our ‘funky bunnies.’ We can’t wait for Easter!

seachtain na gaeilge

Well done to 4th and 5th class who won the Seachtain na Gaeilge competition in our school! We collected the most ‘cártaí Gaeilge’ for speaking informal Irish throughout the week!


This week the Amber Flag committee picked the winners of the slogan competition. Check out our notice board!

St. Patrick’s Day Art

Mobile library

4th and 5th class picked out books from the library bus today. We can’t wait to read them!

library bus



We brought our favourite books into school today to celebrate World Book Day! We then did book reviews and presented them to the class.


4th and 5th class have been learning all about The Amazon Rainforest. This week we created our own rainforest in a jar.

spring themed art

This week we learned about the artist Georges Seurat and the pointillism art technique. Look at our lovely art work!


4th and 5th class enjoyed pancakes today to celebrate Pancake Tuesday! We loved the marshmallows and chocolate sauce!

Valentine’s day pinch pots

We loved working with clay! Check out our pinch pots.

St Brigid’s crosses

We celebrated St. Brigid’s day by making crosses and learning about her interesting life!

credit union quiz

Well done to our 4th class team who came 2nd place in the Credit Union Quiz!



Green Schools Travel SLOGAN


A visit to conna nursing home

We visited Conna nursing home this week to perform Christmas songs. Réaltín even played a tune on her concertina. We had a great time.

Christmas JUMPER DAY

On Friday we had our charity Christmas Jumper Day! We raised money for Children’s Mental Health and Irish Cancer Research.

Look at our Christmas baubles!

We made these baubles to decorate our classroom. We love how they turned out!

Christmas Performance

We really enjoyed our Christmas concert last night! We performed ‘An Chéad Nollaig’, ‘Being Santa’ and ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’.

Christmas Art

4th and 5th class enjoyed creating Christmas paintings this week. We are looking forward to our Christmas concert next week!


We made posters this week.

fourth and fifth class have talent!

Some of our halloween Art

OUr adjective rainbows

Fun and games for maths week

Responding to Aram Khachaturian Masquerade waltz by drawing masks to match the music

Autumnal animal footprints

Using our chromebooks for research in explanation writing

Making our desk tidy from recycable materials


My favourite local spot

This week we started learning about our community and our art was part of the local show on this weekend.