Fourth/Fifth Class 2020-2021

Special Visitor to school garden

On Friday afternoon the pupils of 4th and 5th class began to tackle the over grown school garden. Everyone was extremely busy pulling weeds, collecting rubbish and finding all sorts of creepy crawlies. Until one 4th class boy found one very special visitor, a hedgehog. The hedgehog was sleeping under a big pile of leaves, we all went for a look and then left the hedgehog alone. Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals and we didn’t want to disturb him. Hopefully if we leave water and some food he might come back again.

The garden is looking much better now and we are very excited to begin planting soon.


Sports day

We had a brilliant sports day last Friday down at Conna pitch. We had sprinting, relays and lots of fun runs.

We also created obstacle courses and had a water race too. The day finished with a visit from the ice-cream van and everyone enjoyed their 99s in the sun.

Underwater self portraits

We created self-portraits following a step by step video and created these fantastic underwater snorkeler selfies!

We added a twist by creating a bubble mixture with blue food dye to create a bubble effect around our selfies.

Biscuit cake

We made biscuit cake last week in our class, we worked in pairs to create these delicious cakes.

An Teach

We have spent two weeks learning about all of the items we find in our house during our Irish lessons. We decided to create our dream house and label all of the items inside our house. We had lots of fun working in pairs.


We went outside today to work in small groups, we have been exploring the Industrial Revolution in History. Today we learned about the children who worked in factories, coal mines and the children who were maids and chimney sweeps. We are imagining that we are working during the industrial revolution and we are writing diary entries. We hope to have them finished next week


Another week of very creative art made by all the students in 4th and 5th class. We used chalk to create these fantastic jellyfish. We added in some bubbles too.

dream catchers

Look at the colourful dream catchers made by 4th and 5th class last week. They really brighten up our classroom.

Hot Air Balloons

Lots of construction happening in our class, we created a hot air balloon using strips of paper. We then added brown baskets and some funny photos to our hot air balloons.

Easter Art

4th and 5th were very busy before Easter, we made 3-D bunnies and also used cotton buds to create beautiful cherry blossom trees


We all look amazing today!!