First Class ARCHIVE 22-23

School tour

We went to the Mardyke Arena in UCC today for our school tour. We had a long day of activities including tennis, body boogie, Lego, soccer and a bouncing castle obstacle course!

Class outdoors

Today as the weather hit the twenties, we took our work outside for a change! Lots of happy faces enjoying the sunshine while still getting the work done.

Haka Gaeleach

We have been learning the Haka in Irish this week as part of our Caitheamh Aimsire theme. We even had a look at the All Blacks doing the Haka to get some inspiration!


We are learning about ‘An teilifís’ this week as Gaeilge. We are learning a lively song and new poem all based around the theme of TV. We have added our own actions and love singing it everyday!


We investigated slopes during science this week and the effect different types of slopes have on race cars. This escalated into tunnels, bridges and ramps! Lots of happy faces below.


We started gymnastics today with Kenny it was great fun! We learned lots of new positions and hols such as tuck, pencil, table, wobbly table and more! The children really enjoyed it.

Wellbeing week

We have been loving the daily wellbeing activities for the Amber Flag’s Wellbeing week. We have been meditating, doing some extra reading and doing random acts of kindness in our class. We did some mindful colouring while listening to rainforest sounds along with filling our gratitude jars.

Easter activities

We have been busy working on all Easter themed activities this week. We have been working on some high frequency words using Easter colouring sheets and have written what we would do if we were the Easter bunny! We also completed some more arts and crafts.

Easter Bunnies

We love our art from this week. We created a striped background using pastel colours and a doiley for the bunny’s head.


We started subtraction this week in Maths and have been loving this “Ducky Race Subtraction” game on ABCYA! The children work in teams of 5 to win the duck race answering subtraction questions.

Seasonal arts and crafts

We have been busy creating seasonal art in First Class, doesn’t it look fabulous?

St patricks day

We all dressed up in our green for the Céilí last week and performed the dreolín in front of the entire school! We had been very busy practicing and really enjoyed it.

We have been learning about Pablo Picsasso in SESE and have really enjoyed making our own cubism style portraits!

SiGns of spring

We looked for signs of spring on a recent nature walk in 1st class. We found daffodils, shoots and new buds in our school garden!


We had a lovely surprise when we came back from swimming yesterday of pancakes, fresh fruit and some sauce! We were so thrilled. Next week is our last week of swimming, we will miss it.

Valentines day

We are all set and organised for Valentine’s Day in first class. This week we are learning a poem about Valentine’s Day, and we have made love birds, pipe cleaner hearts, and cardboard print hearts! They look so fabulous around our room.

Maths Games

We have been busy learning about money and tens and units in First Class. We are doing so well at our work we even went a step further and had fun with some online games. We enjoyed Base 10 Bingo particularly where we earned a new monster every time our answers were right.

Grandparents day

We were busy creating some lovely art and written work for the church where we celebrated grandparents day. The children learned Walk In The Light with actions and sung for their grandparents at the church. Here is a peek at the lovely artwork we did!

2023 art

We have been busy in First preparing art to celebrate the New Year. Here are our 2023 pictures where we used the “peel and reveal” method to unveil the year 2023. We went swimming as a class for the first time, which went very well. Lots of happy faces on the bus before and after!

Christmas art

Behind the scenes at our christMas show

We were filled with nerves before our Christmas performance last Thursday night but we were so thrilled with how our play “Panic at Santas Workshop” went. We hope you all enjoyed it too!

Christmas play

We have been very busy practicing our Christmas play and learning our lines for our show this Thursday. We have really enjoyed a couple of trips to the hall which helped us get used to being on a big stage for the first time! We look forward to putting on our show for everyone on Thursday.

Handwriting for the wow wall

We are learning cursive writing in First Class and two pupils’ pieces of handwriting made it to the wow wall this week! Well done all!

Winter art begins

Take a look at our snowflakes from our art lesson this week. Aren’t they gorgeous? We cut out the snowflake and stuck it onto a piece of a4 paper. We then sponge painted over the snowflake and peeled it off to reveal a hidden snowflake beneath our painting. We have lots more winter & Christmas art to come!

Movement breaks

The weather has not been good this week so far and we weren’t able to get out on yard in the lashing rain. Instead we did a movement break from The Phonics Man on YouTube – the children love all of his exercise videos!

Happy halloweEn from rang a hAon

Have a look at your fabulous halloween costumes! Have a safe and happy Halloween.

Getting in the halloween spirit

We got into the Halloween Spirit this week and finished our Halloween Art. We did a spooky moon and cat scene, while listening to Spooky Scary Skeletons. Take a look at our art!

Maths week

This week is Maths week across the country. We became architects and builders and did some work on families of 7 and 9. We also learned about odd numbers and started a fabulous new circle time game working on odd numbers. The children were excellent at this!

2D Shape Monsters

We revised our 2D shapes this week by making 2D shape monsters this week. All our monsters were different and unique!

A bUsy weEk

This week in 1st Class we started English stations. We started our Halloween art and also started learning Wagon Wheel as Gaeilge – “Tóg Amach Mé”. We completed some Science experiments testing what items are translucent/ transparent/ opaque. The children really enjoyed this.

Optical illusion iniTial art

How impressive are these art pieces by First Class? The lines were drawn using a ruler – this took great patience and concentration, but we succeeded! Well done First!

Word wipeout

We tried out a new game this week called ”Word Wipeout” to help us learn our spellings. The children loved this game – a fun way to revise our spellings!

The Five Senses

This week in SESE we have been learning about our 5 Senses. We have been learning our poem ”The Five Senses” along with testing out some of our senses. We tested our sense of touch this week, and the difference it would make if we were without it!

A busy September in 1st class

Have a look at our art from the first few weeks of school.

We read The Dot by Peter J Reynolds and responded through the medium of Art printing with different shapes.