First Class Archive 21-22

We had a great time in lismore today on our school tour. We had a guided tour around The Towers and some fun STEN activities in The Heritage Centre and Millenium Park. We also managed to fit in a quick trip to the playground.

designer minds was amazing

we are now water safety experts

Sneak Preview for fun fair friday

Circus challenges


A difficult lesson on optical illusions today. Well done to 1st for their perseverance!


We all loved our zumba teacher and lessons. Great excitement and fun!

Magnets and materials

What a fun investigative lesson! We shared valuable prior knowledge about magnets and added to this greatly by the end of our science lesson 🙂



Another busy day enjoying a hunt outside and a special visit from the Easter bunny!


No strings attached….we really enjoyed learning tennis this year.

Easter Chicks

Today we painted some Easter chicks. We will wait until they dry to add eyes and beaks. We hope you have space at home for a few little chicks 🙂


Today we focused on emotional literacy in our learning. We identified and named a range of feelings, whilst also exploring these feelings in different situations. We talked about how all feelings are good as they help us in life.

Water week

We experimented with tinfoil today as part of water week. We were given two attempts to make a boat that could carry as much weight as possible. Afterwards we learnt a little bit about cargo ships in real life.

happy st. patrick’s day

final rehearsals

We are almost ready for the céilí today. It has been great fun learning to Irish dance.

PJ Day

We had a lovely day in school today in our pjs. We earned 1000 dojo points to deserve this treat!!

St patricks day art

It is a work in progress. You are going to love the finished product on Wednesday!!

tennis week 2

Miraculously it stayed dry so we could walk down to the hall for our second week of tennis. It was great fun, we practiced serving and receiving the ball. We also practiced our hand eye co-ordination. On the way home we found a lady bug.

sunflowers for ukraine

We made lovely sunflowers this week. The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine. We wanted to show our support for them in a small way.

Ag damhsa

Is aoibhinn linn beith ag damhsa!! We are preparing for our céilí on Wednesday.

Engineers week

We are celebrating engineers week by being engineers. We had to build the tallest tower using lollipop sticks and marla. We learned about engineers, supports and that it’s ok to fail. Even engineers don’t get things right the first time.

marvelous marbles

We used a ramp and marbles to investigate force in our learning today. We found out that both the angle of the ramp and the weight of the marble changed the force. We tried to make the large marble travel further each time and we succeeded!

st patrick’s day

We are getting eady for St. Patrick’s Day with our lucky leprechauns.


We had a lovely walk down to the hall for tennis. We learned how to hold the racket and how to serve the ball. We also practiced being light on our feet!! We can’t wait until next Friday.

spring planting

We learned about the life cycle ofa flower in science.e then planted onions and daisys.

pancake Tuesday

We learned all about Shrove Tuesday and the history of Pancake Tuesday. We also got to sample some delicious pancakes!!

Flashy fish

A fiddly, fun, fantastic, fishy lesson. We made a lovely underwater fish world using buttons and scrap paper.

Gummy bear science lesson

We learned about absorption today. The gummy bear absorbed the water and got much bigger!

Phonics Lesson

We had great fun learning about long and short vowels today. We played a board game in our pods to see who could collect the most treasure.

Happy valentines day

We made Valentines cards today. We love them to pieces!!

paper art

We made animals today out of love hearts. The recycling bin is full, no environmental points this week!!

class reward

We earned 500 class dojo points and were rewarded with some extra time outside. We did some lovely chalk drawings on the yard. Some of us played soccer. We had great fun and can’t wait to earn more points for more rewards!!

st brigids day

We made St Brigids crosses from pipe cleaners today.


We had a great time when Brickz 4 Kidz came to visit us on Friday.

where the wild things are

We took inspiration from the book Where the Wild Things Are to create our own monsters using oil pastels.

Laura Lynn Chrstmas Jumper Day

Don’t we look great in our Christmas jumpers!

Christmas Songs

We hope you enjoy our Christmas songs. We spent A LOT of time rehearsing them!! The countdown is on!

Christmas Carols

We are busy rehearsing our songs!!


In art this week we made dancing ants.

hard at work

We learned all about ‘an’ this week!

flower power

Look at the lovely flowers we made.

Heritage in schools

We really enjoyed meeting Tony Kenneally from The Heritage Council. We learned loads about Irish birds. We even did our own bird drawings.

happy halloween

We look amazing! Thanks to everyone for the massive effort made at home this morning.

Pumpkin Picking

We can’t believe our eyes!! It’s massive!! Thanks to The Hills for donating it to us.

We had great fun over the past few days creating our Halloween silhouettes.