Fifth/sixth CLASS Archive 21-22

CIrcus skills

Today the children had lovely fun with our circus man Konor. He taught us loads of new games and tricks and it was really fun the children loved it and cant wait to do it again next week. Konor had taught us that nothing is hard we are just learning.

busy times in fifth and sixth

Last Friday we started zumba . And we are loving it! We have bin busy practicing for scór . We are coming to the end of the group stages of sciath na scoil matches . And did some projects on rivers . Now we are going doing projects on famous building in ireland and around the world. Here are some photos of what we got up to.

easter bunny art

We used outlines of rabbits and designed with swirls and patterns in permanent black marker. We coloured a sheet of tin foil with washable markers and sprayed it with water, placed a page of paper on top. We stuck the rabbits on and it looked amazing! The coloured from the tinfoil really worked and it was lots of fun.

Happy st Patrick’s day

3D theme park for engineers week

This week we made our on theme park we put slides and rollercoasters in we made it out of paper. It was great fun and we enjoyed being engineers.

spring and seachtain na gaeiLige

We did these drawings for seachtain na Gaeilge they were very nice to decorate and we put words to describe ourselves.

Pancakes and planting

Today we celebrated Shrove Tuesday and had pancakes in class. We chose from a selection of toppings and they were really tasty. We also continued on with our planting and planted Spinach, pansies and petunias. We can’t wait to see how they turn out.


Today is the 22nd of the second month of the 2022nd year. We wont see a date like this for hundreds of years again. We did a TWOSDAY challenge in maths. We are looking forward to midterm tommorow.

Congratulations to Ciara, Ronan and Teegan who were chosen to represent our school in the Primary Game this year. Best of luck lads!

kindness challenge in 5th and 6th class

Since the middle of January we have been doing a kindness chain. You have to be kind or do nice things you normally wouldn’t do to get links. Today we reached the floor on our chain so on Wednesday we can bring in a treat to have with our movie .

Length in 6th class

This week in sixth we were measuring and estimating random items in the classroom. We enjoyed this maths lesson!!

Happy valentines day

On Friday we made VALENTINES day art. We had to colour on some tin foil then spray water to wet the colours then while it is still wet you line up your sheet then you press down and the colours will come out on the paper. After that we cut out hearts on black paper to stick on to our picture.

Valentines art

This week we collaged our very own LOVE art using old magazines and catalogues.We also learned about the winter Olympics and designed art pieces around the different Olympic sports.They looked great on the wall for the open night.We are using a new game called ABC where we test our knowledge on the weeks work.

Fun and games

Today we had fun playing wordle as a team ,taking turns guessing words that it might be. Then we had a go at foclach which is wordle in Irish.

St.brigid’s day

For St.Brigid’s day we made St.Brigids crosses out of rushes.We learned two different ways to make them and we brought them home.The class really enjoyed it and picked up a new skill in the process.

Optical Illusions in fifth and sixth

This week in 5th and 6th we did optical illusions in art. They are most confusing to the eye! We are on week 3 of swimming and we are really enjoying it.

2022 Activities

We have been busy thinking up of New Year’s resolutions and painting 2022 art.

New 6th class jumpers

Yesterday the sixth class got their new jumpers.The jumpers say class of 2022 on the front. And on the back they have all signed their names in a big twenty two design.

Laura Lynn Christmas Jumper day

Don’t we look nice in our Christmas jumpers and all for a great cause!

Christmas Play

We have been so busy the last few weeks preparing our Nativity Play for you all. It was great fun trying out different accents, auditioning for roles, adding sound effects and organising props. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Well done to all the children for learning the lines and rising to the challenge.

Graffiti art and garlands

science Week

For science week in 5th and 6th we brought in our own experiments to school. Explosive experiments were popular as was making ublex and slime.

nature heritage walk

This week we went to the Castle with Tony from the Heritage, learning about different types of leaves and trees.

Maths Week

We did an outdoor maths trail for Maths Week!

getting Ready For Christmas

Well done to our girls in sixth for winning the Renault O Leary Cup! We also put up our own Christmas tree. The excitement is building!

Happy New Year!

We are delighted to be back in school and back into a routine in 5th and 6th. We have been enjoying discussing some realistic New Years Resolutions and practising gratitude.

We also created some 2022 art which looks great in the hallway.

sixth class jumpers

Today Conna schools 6th class got their jumpers.They all signed their names on the back of the jumpers.They were delighted that they got their jumpers.They are looking forward to wearing them in school.

Optical Illusion art

This week in 5th and 6th we created optical illusion art . It’s almost confusing to look at! We are just finished week three of swimming lessons and loving it!

January 2022

Bricks 4 kids

On Friday, Bricks 4 kids visited 5th and 6th class.We made our own lego cars and raced each other.We also constructed lego designs varying from monkeys to minions to Minecraft characters.It was much enjoyed by all!