Green Flag

Update 2022

The Green Schools Committee met last Friday outside on the yard. We have 4 mains focuses this month To measure the water volume the school uses each week For everyone to learn our new slogan “Turn off the tap, thats the plan, because we can!” Pay extra attention to the compost buckets: No orange peels! … Read more

WEeding Time

Fifth and Sixth got our school garden off to a flying start last December. In our pods, we planted Iris and Muscari Bulbs. The children were very precise in how they did this – measuring 8 cm down inside the plant pots and making sure the bulbs were 8 cm away from each other. We … Read more


We have recently weeded and cleaned up our school garden. 3rd to 6th class have planted some bulbs in the last 2 weeks. We can’t wait to see them in the spring. visitor On Friday afternoon the pupils in 4th and 5th class began to tackle the over grown school garden. Everyone was extremely busy … Read more